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Custom Fabric 


is the beginning

of creation.

Surface Textiles are also able to help with any custom design requirements, either as a print or jacquard fabric.

To help with custom designs, we have created a Bespoke Collection.


The Bespoke Collection has been designed to encourage creativity of custom fabric requirements, that is, if you're not sure what you're wanting.  You can use them exactly as they are, or change colours and pattern sizes. 


As a starting point, there are seven ranges, with six colours in each range that have been martindale tested and FR certified. 

This collection has been designed for large projects, with requirements of between 50m - 100m.

Custom commercial fabrics for upholstery, drapery, soft furnishings are available in sizes 136cm - 300cm, in a choice of Jacquard or Digital Print. 

You can also add finishes such as our Sabre Treatment. Click the link to see the full range of treatments we have available

To request to see the collection email us here

Bespoke Black Flatlay - use for website.
Black & White 

Bespoke Collection


Bespoke Lime Flatlay.jpg

Antique Green

IMG_9481 - Pink Flatlay.jpg

Dusty Rouge


IMG_9369 - Blue FLatlay.jpg

Deep Blue


IMG_9422 - Beige Flatlay.jpg



IMG_9556 - Green Bespoke FLatlay.jpg

Bold Greens

The Bespoke Collection is a range of ideas.

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